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About Us

Yes, we use technology to get to where we all want to be in our businesses, but we are more than a tech company, we are a people-focused company. Read on…

Our History

It all started in 2006, in the beautiful city of Florianópolis, SC in Brazil, as InoHaus Consultoria e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas. After 6 successful years on the Santa Catarina Island, the company moved to Ottawa, ON in Canada, looking for new opportunities in a city where big tech companies have also decided to set their foot.

Across the years, we have worked with clients from several countries and different industries giving us a diverse look at how technology can help businesses and finally the people to have a better life.

Our Vision

We are guided by one simple question: how can we make people’s lives better by using the tools we have available in such exciting days regarding the advancements of science and technology?

We believe everyone should win from a partnership and that is why we treat our team as friends and partners and that is how our clients are treated: as partners, initially, and friends, ultimately.